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  • legal for trade use
  • built-in guillotine system for auto-cutting linerless labels at a length that perfectly suits the label just printed (for other benefits, refer to Q&A)
  • simple to use
  • bright alpha-numeric display front and rear (includes tare display)
  • easy to change label with front loading cassette
  • flexible informative label printing including graphics and barcodes
  • large memory to cater for most food labelling requirements


  • @label lite software for bulk programming and sales reporting
  • bench model available on indent (model # TSSM120LLB)

Dual range capacity;
0 - 6 kg x 2 g
6 kg - 15 kg x 5 g

Legal for Trade Use Yes
Scale Type Bench
Operator Panel Bench Level Backlit LCD
Customer Panel Pole Mounted Backlit LCD
Weighing Units g, kg
Price Computing Function Yes
Label/Receipt Printing Function Yes
Wrapping Function No
Operating Temperature -10ºC to +40ºC
Power Mains Power
Environment Suitability Dry
Ingress Protection Rating No
Comms Ports RS232, Ethernet
Overall Dimensions (mm) 361 (W) x 500 (D) x 584 (H)

What are the benefits of Linerless Labelling Technology?

  • auto-label-sizing feature eliminates unused space on the label and automatically adjusts the label size to reduce label costs and waste
  • the elimination of backing paper on label rolls means no liner to dispose of, improving your environmental footprint
  • DIGI's unique built-in guillotine system for auto-cutting labels with a clean cut every time improves efficiency and consumer appeal
  • labels are printed on and cut from a continuous roll of linerless labels. This means a wide variation of labels can be printed without the need for different pre-printed or die-cut labels.
  • the linerless label system allows twice the number of labels on a roll compared with labels with backing paper. This means less space required for storage and fewer roll changes.


What's the best way to care for my thermal printhead?

Thermal printheads impact print quality, are very delicate and can be costly to replace. Care is needed when cleaning to ensure operator safety and prevent unnecessary damage to the printhead. Please see the guidelines published in our Info Centre. Click here to view our Thermal Printhead Care instructions.

Weigh Labelling Scale ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


Trade approved Price Computing Scales with linerless label printer and a unique built-in system for auto-cutting labels. These affordable retail labelling scales deliver impressive efficiency and cost savings with variable label sizing & formatting - all from one roll of linerless labels.

View video on Linerless Labelling benefits


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