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Choosing Wedderburn as your business partners to provide repairs, maintenance and calibration services will bring you peace of mind through reliable delivery and high quality workmanship. We have teams located throughout New Zealand so you get the benefit of working with locals who have the backing of a larger team with vast technical knowledge.

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Genuine Parts

We have a large stock of genuine spare parts. This means we don´t rely on outside suppliers and can act promptly to make repairs and the use of genuine parts ensures your equipment is repaired according to original specification.

At Wedderburn, we believe that the strength of our support is as important to the Wedderburn name as the quality of our equipment. The use of our genuine parts means that you can continue to rely on your equipment for efficiency and accuracy well into the future.

Loan Equipment

We offer loan equipment, should it be required whilst your own equipment is being repaired, ensuring you can keep operating with no down time.

Legal for Trade Use

Wedderburn technicians are authorised to certify approved equipment legal-for-trade-use. To learn more about what this important legislation means for New Zealand businesses, read our white paper or visit the MBIE website.

Certified IANZ Laboratories

Our IANZ laboratories in New Zealand, and NATA laboratories in Australia, are certified to provide test reports, calibration reports and performance certificates for ISO requirements and quality control. Wedderburn operates a certified IANZ lab in New Zealand and NATA lab in Australia.

Safe In-Store Pass

All Wedderburn technicians and sales reps in New Zealand hold Safe In Store passes.

This means all our technician understand their responsibilities whilst in your store and enables us to work together to create a safe workplace.

Electrical Workers Registration Board

All Wedderburn technicians are certified and registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) as electrical service people. So you can rest assured all your electrical safety testing will be done by a competent technician.

Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL)

All Wedderburn test masses are traceable to MSL (Measurement Standards Laboratory) a division of Callaghan Innovation or NMI (Australian National Measurement Institute).

Nationwide network at your Service

At Wedderburn, we have eleven sales and service centres in New Zealand and sixteen in Australia with a mobile fleet of fully qualified and certified technicians throughout New Zealand & Australia. Our strategic locations across both countries will ensure that your service needs are met promptly and efficiently.

This extensive network enables us to provide service to suit your specific needs. We will ensure that your valuable equipment is in perfect working order, operating accurately and meeting all trade requirements.

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