Jar Labels

Custom Labels for Jars

Increase brand presence and sales with custom labels for jars that deliver on visual appeal and technical performance. Our friendly team will work with you to ensure your Jar Labels are created using materials to suit the lifetime performance requirements so they look good no matter what - whether they're on a store shelf or refrigerated after opening.

✓ Glass Jars  ✓ Plastic Jars  ✓ Pottles  ✓ Plastic Tubs

Scroll down to the gallery for examples of adhesive jar labels printed by Wedderburn.

Tamper Evident Jar Labels

Including subtle micro-perforations to custom jar labels provides a simple tamper evident labelling solution to high-value or high-risk product without compromising visual appeal.

Front and Back Adhesive Jar Labels

Front and back adhesive jar labels are an ideal way of delivering eye-catching style as well as providing important product information. Front and back adhesive Jar Labels printed on the same roll can be easily applied simultaneously using Wedderburn's Bottlematic OS Series Semi-automatic Labelling Machines. View Bottlematic OS Labellers

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Custom Labels for Jars by Wedderburn Labels NZ

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