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Important Information for Scale Purchases

All Scales purchased on-line from will, prior to delivery or release for pick-up, be calibrated and accompanied by a sticker of proof of calibration, or if legal for trade use will be verified and accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy sticker.

If a Scale is to be used for trade purposes it must, by New Zealand Law, be a trade certified scale. If in doubt, please enquire directly with Wedderburn prior to purchasing. Learn more.

Delivery of On-Line Purchases

Wedderburn Scales (NZ) Ltd will only accept on-line orders for goods to be delivered or picked up within New Zealand.

Availability of items at is subject to change. Delivery will be confirmed upon receipt of orders. Learn more.

Other Policies

Wedderburn Scales (NZ) Ltd trading policies are published on-line for your convenience. View Policies.

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