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Since manufacturing our first scale in 1896, Wedderburn has been at the leading edge of technology. 

From those small beginnings we grew in size and breadth of service to be recognised as a complete weighing and labelling solutions provider. Today we supply a vast range of equipment and technical services for weighing, food processing, label manufacturing, printers and point of sale systems – and our technologies are some of the best in the world. 

Changes that brought growth

At the end of the Australian gold rush, the Wedderburns purchased property in Redfern and set up a manufacturing plant in Chippendale. The company also bought a building for its shop-front at 73 Liverpool Street, and Wedderburn remained there until 1970.

The big break for the company was decimal currency’s introduction in 1966.

All scales had to be changed over and Wedderburn had a great advantage – their competitors first had to get approval from their overseas boards.

The changeover to metric measures in the mid-70’s put the seal on Wedderburn’s growth. All scales had to change from pounds to kilograms – the Imperial age was at an end. It was also around this time that scales changed from mechanical to electronic, and Japan emerged as a major electronic scalemaker.

Wedderburn were pioneers in accepting of and training for the technological change.

Success of a family business

Wedderburn’s success was built on its strong roots as a family business. Jabez, the founder, his two sons (Walter Ernest Wedderburn and Jabez August Wedderburn) and two daughters – all went into the family business. Walter, father of the present chairman Bill Wedderburn, subsequently bought out his brother, Jabez.

The company increased its market share on sound commercial judgement and the foresight of its founder and key staff members.

Today, we proudly remain a family owned business and enjoy a privileged position in the $600bn trade measurement industry. 

There are currently 10 branches in New Zealand and 19 in Australia, and about 300 employees combined. All the offices are strategically located in high-density population centres with large industrial and commercial infrastructures. This enables us to deliver a comprehensive cover of sales, technical support, servicing and calibration. 

Above all else our greatest assets are our customers – our success is based on a commitment to exceptional customer service and adding value in any way we can, from individual customisation of products to mobile servicing.

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