ESL & Digital Signage

Wedderburn’s innovative Electronic Label technologies are designed to revolutionise how New Zealand retailers showcase products and engage customers.

Wedderburn specialise in cutting-edge electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and digital signage displays. Our DIGI ESL solutions are globally acclaimed and revolutionise retail pricing and shelf labelling by offering real-time updates, while our digital signage displays captivate customers with vibrant visuals and interactive content. With a focus on innovative technology, simple infrastructure, reliability, customization, and expert support, we empower retailers to enhance efficiency, drive sales, and elevate customers experiences.

Join leading retailers worldwide in embracing the future of retail with Wedderburn.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Efficiency is at the core of our DIGI Electronic Shelf Labelling System (ESL). The simple infrastructure makes it easy to install and simplistic to manage while empowering your business with dynamic real-time pricing and product updates, fast accurate roll out of promotions and an aesthetic that will elevate your store to new heights.

Exceptional functionality, bi-directional communication and impressive integration all form the reason our ESL solutions are ideal for a range of industries; supermarkets and convenience stores, pharmacies, clothing and apparel retails, logistics, stores and warehousing.

Electronic Shelf Labels Range

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Enchant Digital Shelf Edge Signage

Embrace the future of retail with DIGI's Shelf Edge Signage - the Enchant Series. Designed to captivate customers throughout your store, these dynamic displays offer real-time price and promotional updates with a spellbinding level of engagement through vivid HD visuals. Slimline and large formats available.

Digital Shelf Edge Signage Solutions Wedderburn NZ

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Digital Display Signage

Unlock a brighter future with vivid Digital Signage throughout your store. These cutting-edge digital displays will transform your store with real-time updates for prices, promotions and production information whilst captivating customers with vivid high-definition visuals, QR codes and integrated videos.

Digital Displays by Wedderburn NZ

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eLabels with Hi-Touch

Electronic Price Labels with Hi-Touch for instant PLU call up, improved accuracy and superior price agility in Retail Butchery, Delicatessen and Seafood cabinets. They synchronise seamlessly with DIGI Weigh Labelling Scales and, with an IP67 rating, can be thoroughly cleaned making it easy to maintain high levels of hygiene essential for food safety.

eLabels Product Range

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