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Regular scale calibration and scale maintenance is essential to maintain scale accuracy as over time; temperature variations, ageing, power fluctuations and movement, can affect a scale's accuracy and reliability.

Wedderburn's Scale Service Centre employs friendly qualified technicians throughout New Zealand to help keep your weighing systems in top operating condition.

Our IANZ laboratories deliver IANZ scale calibration services and can provide IANZ endorsed Calibration Reports, Scale Calibration Reports and performance certificates for ISO requirements and quality control.

All Wedderburn test masses are traceable to MSL (Measurement Standards Laboratory) a division of Callaghan Innovation or Trading Standards (a division of MBIE).

To request a scale calibration service, COA work, scale maintenance or scale repair simply contact your local Wedderburn branch.

COAs, Calibration Reports & IANZ Endorsed Reports

You hold yourself to the highest standards of product quality and you expect your measurement equipment to help you do so too.

Wedderburn are certified and approved to provide a range of compliance certifications for weighing equipment so you can ensure that you’re equipment meets any industry requirements

Our staff of qualified field technicians are able to provide traceable certificates, ensuring your scales and weighing equipment is accurate and you meet your industries requirements.

Calibration Reports

Calibration reports can be done as frequently as required by our customers. But we recommend a calibration report is carried out at least once every 12 months, however, once an established history of reports is obtained the frequency could be reduced.

Certificates of Accuracy (COA's)

If you are trading by weight, it´s strongly recommended that you maintain your current certificates of accuracy for your weighing equipment.

At Wedderburn, we´re authorised to certify approved equipment legal-for-trade-use. Our large force of service technicians are trained and approved as Accredited Persons and can issue Certificates of Accuracy to the Weights and Measures Regulations for this purpose. At the same time we can provide full calibrations, making any necessary adjustments or repairs – often all in the same visit.

IANZ Endorsed Reports

By maintaining accredited metrology laboratories, IANZ laboratories in New Zealand, and NATA laboratories in Australia, Wedderburn are certified to provide IANZ and NATA endorsed calibration reports for your masses and equipment which is particularly important when working with quality systems ensuring compliance to standards such as ISO programs.

Accredited Services - IANZ Laboratories

As part of our commitment to the weighing industry, Wedderburn operates and maintains accredited metrology laboratories in New Zealand (IANZ) and in Australia (NATA) to ISO 17025.

This means that we are able to provide IANZ calibration reports, and performance certificates for your weighing equipment. Such reports and certificates are particularly important when working with quality systems ensuring compliance to standards such as ISO programs.

To learn more, please visit our IANZ Calibration Services page.

Genuine Scale Spare Parts for Efficient Scale Repairs

We stock genuine spare parts for our weighing equipment so in the event that you require scale repairs, we aren't reliant on outside suppliers and can act promptly to get you back up and running quickly.

The use of genuine spare parts for scale repairs ensures your weighing equipment is repaired according to original specification. And, as part of our long-term commitment to you, we keep spares for most Wedderburn scales currently in service.

At Wedderburn, we believe that the strength of our support is as important to the Wedderburn name as the quality of our scales themselves. The use of our genuine parts means that you can continue to rely on your Wedderburn scale for efficiency and accuracy well into the future.

Weighing Scale Service Plans

When it comes to scale servicing requirements, every business is different. That´s why we offer a variety of service plans. To help ensure your weighing equipment operates at peak efficiency, accuracy and also to Trade Measurement requirements, the following scale service packages are available:

  • comprehensive: includes full service, parts and labour
  • preventative: regular service calls with special rates on parts and labour
  • breakdown: just when you need us
  • calibration: a service that focuses on scale calibration only

As each business has its own way of working, we customise our service contracts to suit your specific needs.

If you´d like a site assessment, a quote for a weighing equipment service plan, or just more information, contact your local Wedderburn branch today.

A Nationwide Network at your Service

At Wedderburn, we have 10 in New Zealand and 21 sales and service centres in Australia. Our strategic locations across both countries will ensure that your service needs are met promptly and efficiently.

This extensive network enables us to provide service to suit your specific needs. We will ensure that your valuable equipment is in perfect working order, operating accurately and meeting all Trade Measurement requirements.

 Across a broad range of makes and models we offer: 

  • scale calibration service and scale repairs
  • balances calibration services and repairs
  • printer repairs and servicing
  • food processing equipment repairs and servicing
  • POS system repairs and help desk
  • packaging equipment maintenance and repairs

 Simply contact your local Wedderburn branch for an assessment of your equipment servicing requirements.

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