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Wedderburn works with Supermarket Owners and Operators to maximise store efficiency. We strive to cut costs and reduce downtime with quality equipment and regular maintenance. Whether back-of-department or over the counter, Wedderburn has Retail Scales, Labelling Equipment, Wrapping Systems and Food Preparation equipment ideal for New Zealand Supermarkets.

To learn more about scales that comply with the Weights and Measures Act, visit our Trading By Weight & Complying with NZ Law page.

Trading By Weight in NZ

Products and services designed to enhance performance and profitability in your Supermarket
  • Innovative weighing, processing and labelling solutions for all food departments. Whether back-of-department or over the counter, you save on labour costs and reduce work strain.
  • Robust Back-of-operation Weighing equipment and Food Processing equipment including; check weighing scales, bench scales, robust platform scales, food slicers, patty makers, vacuum sealers, food band-saws, food mincers and sausage fillers.
  • Intelligent scales that weigh, wrap and price, all in one pass so your production line is quick and effective.
  • Highly accurate Temperature monitoring equipment to ensure safe temperatures are always maintained.
  • Efficient Label printers that display ingredient, recipe and pricing information making labelling packs quick and easy.
  • Weighing, pricing, labelling scales for high speed over-the-counter customer transactions. They also include the benefit of crystal clear advertising screens to increase marketing potential.
  • Trade approved scales so whenever the weight of goods is a determining factor of the price charged, you can be rest assured you comply every time.
  • Maintenance Plans that schedule recommended maintenance of your valuable equipment to help ensure optimal performance.
  • Qualified technicians who conduct Scale Calibrations and are certified to issue Certificates of Accuracy to help you comply with Ministry of Consumer Affairs requirements governing  trading by weight.

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