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All food processing equipment needs regular servicing to keep it performing at its best. With proper maintenance you´ll help combat the wear and tear that occurs with time and use. Furthermore, you´ll reduce the risk of downtime and the costs of equipment failure and repair.

Our Food Equipment Service Centre has friendly, qualified service technicians based throughout New Zealand and offer the following services for food processing equipment and butchery equipment.

For repairs or maintenance of your food processing equipment, simply contact your local Wedderburn branch.

Genuine Food Processing Machine Parts

We stock genuine food processing machine parts for our equipment so in the unlikely event that you need repairs made, we aren't reliant on outside suppliers and can act promptly to get you back up and running quickly.

The use of genuine parts ensures your equipment is repaired according to original specification. And, as part of our long-term commitment to you, we keep spares for most Wedderburn food processing equipment currently in service.

At Wedderburn, we believe that the strength of our support is as important to the Wedderburn name as the quality of our equipment. The use of our genuine parts means that you can continue to rely on Wedderburn equipment for efficiency and accuracy well into the future.

Food Equipment Service Plans

Maintaining your food processing equipment will ensure your machinery stays in top working order.

Our service plans give preferential response to equipment breakdown calls and there are no call out fees or travel costs.

Food processing maintenance plans include:

  • adjustment and lubrication of parts where required on equipment that is already in working order, helping to ensure its ongoing performance.
  • comprehensive inspection and testing of equipment by a fully certified and trained technician 
  • making necessary adjustments to maintain equipment accuracy. 
  • sharpening and cleaning of slicer blades to acceptable operational levels. 
  • a safety check and adjustment (if required) of food processing equipment to ensure operators´ safety. 
  • quotations for any repairs that may be needed for a machine to operate correctly. If accepted we will provide the use of our loan equipment, free of charge to help keep your business operational. 
  • a 10% discount on any additional parts and labour.
A Nationwide Network at your Service

At Wedderburn, we have 10 service and sales centres in New Zealand and 21 in Australia. Our strategic locations across both countries will ensure that your service needs are met promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, our geographic spread ensures consistency of supply and service to nationwide businesses.

This extensive network enables us to provide service to suit your specific needs. We will ensure that your valuable equipment is in perfect working order, operating accurately and meeting all your requirements.

Across a broad range of makes and models we offer servicing for:

  • food processing equipment
  • retail, commercial and industrial weighing equipment 
  • printers and labelling systems 
  • POS systems 
  • packaging equipment

Simply contact your local Wedderburn branch for an assessment of your service requirements.

If you´d like a site assessment, a quote for a food processing service plan, or just more comprehensive information, contact your local Wedderburn branch today.

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