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  • super bright 45 mm high red LED display
  • cast aluminium alloyed housing
  • patented load cell & overload protection design
  • 360 degree swivel hook
  • safe overload of 250% of rated capacity
  • ultimate overload of 500% of rated capacity
  • built-in rechargeable battery, approximately 150 hours usage
  • low battery indication
  • accuracy up to 1/3000 achieved via triple weight ranges
  • remote controller included as standard


Triple range capacity:

0 - 1,500 kg x 0.5 kg
1,500 kg - 3,000 kg x 1 kg
3,000 kg - 5,000 kg x 2 kg

Legal for Trade Use No
Scale Type Overhead Weighing
Display Type Digital Red LED
Display Size 45 mm high
Display Range Triple
2nd Remote Display No
Weighing Units kg
Hook and Shackle Included Yes
Hook Type Swivel
Safe Overload Rating 250% of rated capacity
Ultimate Overload Rating 500% of rated capacity
RF Functionality No
Remote Control Included Yes
Power Rechargeable Battery
Environment Suitability Dry
Overall Dimensions (mm) 270 (W) x 205 (D) x 813 (H)
Net Weight of Scale 80 kg

What does Ultimate Overload mean?

A Crane Scale should never be loaded beyond its safe overload as from this point on the scale is susceptible to damage. The Ultimate Overload limit is the point at which the hook, top eye or housing will begin to fail and the load will no longer be supported. Loading a Crane Scale past its Ultimate Overload limit can result in serious injury, death and or damage to property.

Is this Crane Scale legal for trade use in New Zealand?

No, under New Zealand's Trade Measurement Standards, this scale should NOT be used where a trade approved scale is required.

Digital Crane Scale ENQUIRE NOW


The triple range WS601 digital Crane Scale weighs up to 5 ton and features; cast aluminium alloyed housing, 360 degree swivel hooks, overload protection and a remote controller. This crane scale delivers a safe and efficient precise weighing solution for industrial environments.



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