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  • large easy to read backlight LCD display
  • large stainless steel weigh platform
  • high accuracy with 1/300,000 counting resolution
  • 1/30,000 display resolution
  • 240V AC power and internal rechargeable battery for portability
  • programmable set-points for LO/OK/HI checking functions, complete with audible alarm
  • built-in overload protection
Legal for Trade Use No
Capacity 3 kg x 0.1 g
Scale Type Bench
Type of Display Digital Backlit LCD
Number of Displays 3 display windows
Weighing Units kg
Checkweighing Function Yes
Counting Function Yes
Counting Resolution 1/300,000
Display Resolution 1/30,000


Rechargeable Battery

Environment Suitability


What is the difference between a "Counting Scale" and a scale that has a "Counting Function"?

There are significant differences between Counting Scales and Bench or Floor Scales with Counting Functionality and the differences impact both performance and price. Read our helpful guide on key differences  before making your purchasing decisions. Understanding Counting Scales Guide 

Is this Counting Scale legal for trade use?

No, under New Zealand's Trade Measurement Standards, it is not permissible to certify Counting Functions of Scales legal for trade use.

What is the best sample size to use?

The sample size is relative to the final quantity you wish to count. If you want to count small quantities (100 pcs), then a sample size of 10 pieces is sufficient. If your final count quantity is large, then a larger sample will increase the counting accuracy.

Why do I get inconsistent counting results for quantities of the same product?

Counting inconsistencies are generally a result of poor sample sizes. Use a larger sample size to calculate the unit weight to increase counting accuracy. A counting scale's accuracy is determined by the accuracy of the parts it is counting. Parts with a large weight variance will result in higher counting errors.

Digital Counting Scale ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


The WS302 Digital Counting Scale delivers precise results which translates into increased efficiency and productivity. The large easy to read LCD display, high internal counting resolution, built-in rechargeable battery and LO/OK/HI alarm are just some of the great features this scale offers.


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AC Power Adaptor 240V 180cm


NZD $15.95

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