Revolutionary NEW Patient Transfer Scale now available in New Zealand

Weighing patients correctly is essential to ensuring accurate drug dosage and administering the correct treatment.

In many cases weighing immobile patients can be excessively time consuming, or not possible at all. And for patients requiring urgent immediate medical attention, accurate weighing is not always easily achievable. As a result the weight reading may be estimated, or not recorded. Until now. The Patient Transfer Scale allows you to accurately weigh an immobile patient, in a fraction of the time it takes to use a hoist or bed scale.

What is a Patient Transfer Scale?

The Patient Transfer Scale integrates a transfer board (transfer slide) and patient weighing scale into one unit. This means weighing patients becomes part of the already existing process of lateral transfer from trolley to bed, or bed to bed.

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Fast Accurate Weighing when you need it most!

When knowing the weight of a patient is absolutely crucial to delivering the right care and treatment, the MDPTSM999 embeds confidence and accuracy in your processes.

Use the PTS throughout your hospital pathway to enhance outcomes particularly for; trauma patients in emergency departments where time is crucial, stroke patients to ensure a quick ‘door to needle’ time, plus Cardiac, ICU, HTU, and X-ray patients.

A revolutionary idea born from a nurse's frustration.

Former NHS Emergency Department nurse Gillian Taylor had first-hand experience of struggling to weigh immobile patients, and was determined to find a solution. Working with Marsden UK and getting input from medical experts in various fields, the Patient Transfer Scale was developed. This revolutionary weighing scale can be used in Emergency Departments, ICUs, Cardiac, Stroke, Spinal, Renal, X-ray and care homes. In fact, anywhere an immobile patient needs to be weighed.

Why use the Patient Transfer Scale?

Key benefits of integrating the Patient Transfer Scale into your patient moving and handling processes include;

Weigh with Dignity for Improved Patient Care

Weighing patients as part of an existing process means reduced stress for patients and staff. No need for the cumbersome, difficult process of hoisting a patient to weigh them, and no compromise on their dignity. Take the scale to the patient, not the patient to the scale. The result is a better experience for both patient and staff.

Easy to Use

Simply place the Patient Transfer Scale between the trolley and the bed, ensuring it's level, and slide the patient over to get a weight reading. It is recommended you use a patient glide sheet when sliding the patient to ensure the best possible comfort and ease for both patient and staff.

It's quick, easy, safe and saves your valuable time.

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