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  • WAND Registered (Registration # 190319-WAND-6S5XXQ)
  • one device for lateral transfer and weighing of patients
  • weigh immobile patients in seconds with less stress and more dignity for the patient
  • accurate weight measurement when it's critical for safe medication management and patient monitoring
  • lightweight, durable construction
  • low profile (30 mm)
  • easy to clean wipe down surface
  • 10 conveniently placed grab handles
  • weight hold function
  • bright easy to read LCD display
  • display options include programmable auto-off and backlight
  • includes a printed height measurement chart (100 cm to 175 cm in 5 cm increments)
  • can easily be wall mounted using the two hooks provided which conveniently fit into the grab handle space
  • printed adhesive mat can be replaced if required
  • easy to use so requires minimal training
  • optional carry bag (product code MDPTSM999CB)
Legal for Trade Use No
WAND Registered Yes
WAND Registration Number 190319-WAND-6S5XXQ
Maximum Capacity 250 kg
Graduation 0.5 kg
Weighing Units kg
Type of Display 27.7 mm x 75 mm LCD
Function Keys ON / OFF / ZERO, HOLD
Environment Suitability Dry
Operating Temperature 5˚C to 35˚C
Power Source Rechargeable battery pack provides up to 50 hours continuous use
Net Weight 11.45 kg
Weighing Area (mm) 1800 (W) x 510 (D)
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1800 (W) x 700 (D) x 30 (H)

Can the printed surface be replaced?

Yes, the printed surface is an adhesive mat which can be replaced if it becomes damaged or too soiled to clean effectively. Please contact your local Wedderburn branch for details.

How do I clean my MDPTSM999 Patient Transfer Scale?

The Manufacturer recommends cleaning your Patient Transfer Scale with a neutral-based detergent and water. A non-abrasive cloth must be used. 

If contaminated with blood, we recommend cleaning per local guidelines. The mat can be replaced if required.

How often should I have my Patient Transfer Scale serviced?

The Manufacturer recommends Patient Transfer Scales are serviced twice a year. Wedderburn advise that recommended service frequency can fluctuate depending on the environment and frequency of use. If in doubt, please contact your local Wedderburn Scales Service team for advice.

Patient Transfer Scale ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


NEW Marsden Patient Transfer Scales save valuable time and provide Accurate Weight Measurement quickly when it's critical for dosage calculation and patient monitoring. This clever device, developed by a team of medical experts in the UK, integrates Patient Weighing into the existing process of transferring a patient from a stretcher to bed, or bed to bed.

Read more about why and how this revolutionary device was developed. Read Now.


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