High Performance Food Packaging System Trade Approved

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High-Performance Tray Sealing with Trade Approved Weigh Labelling

Our new high-performance Food Packaging System delivers attractive top sealed trays that have been weighed, priced and labelled ready for the store shelf. It's ideal for high-performance automated food packaging lines. And it's Weights and Measures Approved for Trade Use.

The system's two main components are our WFTMG2 Automatic In-Line Tray Sealer, and our DIGI LI5600B2 In-Line Weigh Labeller.  Both units are available separately, or as a fully integrated turnkey solution.

High-Performance Tray Sealer

Engineered to top-seal food trays in high demand food packaging environments.

The ability to seal two different tray sizes without a mould change elevates the WFTMG2 Automatic Tray Sealer into a class of its own.

High-Performance, Compact, In-Line Weigh Labeller

A compact in-line Weigh Labeller designed for easy integration into food packaging lines. It carries the highly regarded DIGI brand, is Weights and Measures Approved for trade use and has multiple labelling options.

The System In Action

Watch the video below for a quick demonstration of the full system and insights into key features.

Tray Sealer Weigh Labeller 960px x 540px

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