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Load Cells measure force and convert it into an electronic signal which can be transmitted to a scale indicator or production system for further interpretation or automated processing.

Installing load cells onto hoppers, tanks, silos or receiving bins provides an efficient alternative to having to transfer the contents from the container to a separate weighing system or scale. A well engineered load cell system provides you with an accurate measure of how much product is being used and how much product is left at the end of the shift or day. This information can be used to help you maintain stock levels and evaluate production.

Load cells can be connected to indicators and batch controllers to give you full control over your production processes and the addition of alarms and monitoring devices will help you ensure containers are never overfilled or empty.

Wedderburn have a wide range of load cells and indicators to suit all industries, particularly in wet areas, or when installed outside.

Load Cell Weighing Systems are tailored to meet specific operational requirements and will be spec'd accordingly.

Capacities range from 100 kg to 150,000 kg

Load Cell Weighing ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


Load Cell Weighing Systems enable Wedderburn to engineer tailored weighing solutions for many industries and applications including weighing of tanks, hoppers, silos, and receiving bins. Our weighing specialists will help tailor a solution that delivers efficient reliable results specific to your operation.


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