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  • extended 5 year warranty
  • very simple structure ensures the balance is easy to clean and maintain if any liquid/powder samples are spilled
  • organic-carbon heater delivers strong heat and longevity
  • RS232 allows peripheral devices to be connected easily
  • strong heat for fast drying time and high repeatability
  • red alert signal whilst drying makes it very easy to see when the process is complete
  • large, clear LCD display
  • includes; sample pan x 2, sample pan handler, windshield, sample panbase, spoon and spatula set, sample aluminium sheet x 10, power cord 3P-2P plug, operation manual


  • printer (order code VZ-330)
  • deodorizing windshield (order code FW-100)
  • sample crusher (order code SDTQ-100)

For additional specifications please refer to the product brochure under "Downloads".

Moisture Specifications:

Readability Moisture Content 0.01% / 0/1% (note 0.01% is displayable only)
Minimum Sample Weight 1 g
Measurement Range 0 - 100% (wet base, solids)
0 - 500% (dry base)
Measurement Mode Automatic operation mode.
Timed operation mode.
Temperature Range 30ºC to 180ºC
Increment in Temperature 1ºC
Heat Source Organic carbon heater


General Specifications:

Capacity 80 g x 5 mg
Legal for Trade Use No
Weighing Units g
Calibration Type External
Tare Range Full
Draught Shield Yes
Printer Output Yes
Communication Protocol RS232C
Operating Temperature 5ºC to 40ºC
Power Mains power
Environment Suitability Dry

Digital Moisture Balance ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


Our SDMD83 Moisture Balances provide a rapid and accurate method for analysing the moisture content and dry weight of a wide range of products and materials. The organic-carbon heater delivers exceptional performance of drying time and repeatability.

Now with extended 5 Year Warranty!


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