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  • legal for trade use in New Zealand
  • easy to use 15" full-colour touch screen and on-screen help messages
  • not limited to regular food trays, the AW-5600FX2 is also capable of wrapping fragile or irregular shaped trays, or products without trays
  • capable of wrapping trays up to 130 mm high
  • weighs, wraps, prices and labels efficiently at a speed of up to 17 packs per minute
  • temperature control feature and wide impulse heater results in superior film sealing
  • 300 dpi thermal head enables clear and crisp label printing for enhanced consumer appeal and improved barcode scanning
  • 80mm print width allows more information to be included on labels so that labelling regulations are met as well as your advertising messages
  • free layout function keys allows user to customise the keyboard layout
  • fast PLU communication via Ethernet
  • contact parts such as weighing platter can be easily accessed and removed for thorough cleaning so that excellent hygiene standards can be maintained
  • film loading can conveniently be done from the front of the machine
  • RF cables for a cable-free environment


  • linerless labelling (factory fitted option)
  • second label printer
Legal For Trade Use Yes
Capacity 6 / 15 kg x 2 / 5 g (multi-interval)
Package Size*

80 - 350 wide

10 - 130 high

80 - 230 deep

Wrapping Speed Maximum 17 packs per minute
Number of Film Rolls One
Film Width (mm) 350 - 500
Label Type

Thermal paper die cut labels

Thermal paper linerless labels available as a factory fitted option. Linerless label dimensions are available on the downloadable product brochure.

Label Width 25 - 80 mm for die cut labels
Label Length 20 - 150 mm for die cut labels
Display Panel 15 inch TFT colour
Keypad Pictogram or English
Programmable Items PLU no., commodity name, ingredient, unit price, price, tare weight, sell-by-date, taste-by-date, department name, barcode (UPC, EAN), target weight, special message, advertising message, shop name & logo, extra print format, wrapping conditions, etc.
Power Source Single Phase, 220 - 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.8 kw
Overall Dimensions (mm) 800 (W) x 936 (D) x 1429 (H)
Net Weight Approximately 250 kg

* the maximum combination of the above Package Size Dimensions is not available and the available package size depends on the film width.

Semi-Auto Weigh Wrap Labeller ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


Legal for trade use in New Zealand, the AW-5600FX2 is ideal for backroom food packaging operations where efficient and accurate weighing, price calculating and labelling of products is valued.

With a powerful air supply, widened impulse heating system and a new object detect sensor, the superior wrapping finish is even better than in previous models. The AW-5600FX2 will wrap product as gently as if it's being wrapped by hand whether a uniform or irregular shape and with or without trays. You will achieve clean, tidy and cost effective wrapping and labelling that enhances the appeal of products once they reach the store shelf.


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