Stocktake Scale Hire

Improve Stocktake Efficiency with Digital Scale Hire

Save Time - using a Digital Counting Scale instead of manually counting items can reduce stocktake time considerably

Improve Accuracy - scale accuracy is as high as 0.1 gram, providing precision and reducing the risk of human error

Improve Efficiency - no more loose fittings rolling around and off the counter while you try to count them. Simply tare off your container weight and you're good to go

Save Money - short-term hire costs are minimal and involve no capital outlay. When offset against reduced labour costs and improved accuracy, ROI can be impressive

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14 x Faster Counting

In-house testing showed using a Wedderburn Digital Counting Scale was, on average, 14 times faster than manually counting a single container of screws.

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How Easy Are Counting Scales To Programme and Use?

Programming and using Wedderburn Digital Counting Scales is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 

1. Place your container on the scale platform and push "tare"

2. Add a sample weight of items to be counted - enter the quantity you've placed on the scale and push "sample"

3. Put all the items to be counted into the container and the count window will show the total quantity - job done!

Watch the video below to see for yourself exactly how easy it is to programme and use one of our most popular Digital Counting Scales


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