Country of Origin Food Labelling - New Zealand Regulations 2021

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On 9th September 2021, due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Government agreed to delay the commencement of these Regulations by three months.

The new date of compliance is 12th February 2022. By then all fresh single-origin food sold in New Zealand will be subject to the new Origin of Food Labelling Regulations 2021. Complying could be as simple as adding an extra label to existing packaging, or perhaps it's time to freshen up your custom product labels with a whole new design. Food Labels must comply with new Country of Origin Labelling Regulations by 12th February 2022. Note, the regulations do not apply to frozen foods until 12th May 2023.  

Country of Origin Food Labels

Whether your product is packaged, in a bulk food area, or displayed in a refrigerated cabinet, Wedderburn have labelling solutions to help you comply; custom labels designed and printed in NZ, thermal label printers, weigh labelling scales that print ingredient lists and county of origin details based on individual product items, and electronic labels for bulk produce areas.

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Thermal Label Printers and Printer Labels

Thermal Label Printers are ideal for printing variable information on demand and a perfect solution for complying with the new Origin of Food Labelling Regulations across multiple product lines. Whether you intend using your Label Printer for several hours every day, or only occasionally, Wedderburn have a model to suit. 

Thermal Label Printer Range


Weigh Labelling Pricing Scales

Our DIGI Weigh Labelling Scales are revered by leading retailers throughout New Zealand. They are legal for trade use and can be programmed to control pricing, country of origin, use-by-dates, barcodes and ingredient lists. Our Scale Software can be used to program all the information needed to meet new and existing labelling regulations throughout your store.

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NZ Food Labelling Regulations

Food sold in New Zealand must meet certain labelling regulations. For your easy reference, we've compiled a library of several helpful MPI NZ Food Labelling Guidelines.

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