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Bio4Life Compostable Labels and Materials are now available in New Zealand and Australia and the best news is you don’t need to compromise on function or appearance to enhance your green credentials. Even the adhesive is compostable!

Certified Quality

Our compostable label facestock and adhesive are certified to EN13432, the European Industrial Composting Standard, and they comply with standards for direct food contact EC1935/2004 & FDA). Proof of certification is available upon request.

Bio4Life Compostable Labels

Thanks to an exclusive supplier agreement between Dutch company Bio4Life and Wedderburn, our compostable labels come in a range of substrates that comply with standards for direct food contact (EC1935/2004 and FDA).


What makes the Bio4Life range so unique?

Bio4Life is committed to ensuring they leave a minimal footprint on the environment and use materials mostly made from natural and renewable resources. This care and commitment to sustainability is passed on to users without the need to compromise on their label quality.

Most unique of all is their patented BioTAK compostable adhesive.

Compostable Adhesive

Again, it’s certified to EN13432 the European Industrial Composting Standard. Not compromising on performance, BioTAK is permanently tacky, has a strong initial tack and adheres to a wide variety of substrates.

The BioTAK adhesive is made from a water-borne PSA based on a specially modified acrylic co-polymer. It also complies with EC1935/2004 and FDA (175.105) for direct food applications. Testing is always recommended and Wedderburn is happy to provide samples.

To investigate the full range of Bio4Life labels and their suitability for your business, contact Wedderburn.

More About Bio4Life

Bio4Life began developing compostable self-adhesive materials in 2011 and pride themselves on having developed innovative sustainable alternatives to plastic facestock. All label product components are carefully selected to ensure they are made from natural and renewable resources.

Bio4Life’s certified compostable self-adhesive label materials are uniquely coated in their own patented BioTAK adhesive. They proudly state BioTAK is the world’s first adhesive to be fully certified to the European compost standards EN1342 and that this feature was awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2014 Label Industry Global Awards.



More About Industrial Composting

This type of composting is done inside an industrial composting facility. Within these facilities materials are composted under controlled physiological circumstances. This enables the materials to turn into compost within 6 weeks with no toxic residues.

It is important to note that industrial composting is not the same as home composting. The latter concerns a process where the circumstances (like humidity, temperature, etc.) are variable and unpredictable, like in your backyard.

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