Casio POS Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

Casio Point of Sale Systems with responsive touch screens deliver efficiency in New Zealand Restaurants and Cafes. These intelligent POS Systems are built on the Android Platform and designed to deliver a flexible and scale-able POS Solution that can grow with your hospitality business. Optional features include a cloud-based POS Management Solution and Portable Device System that connects mobile devices to your POS system enabling waiting staff greater flexibility and overall efficiency.

Casio's Optional Cloud-Based POS Management Solution plus

Casio's Cloud based POS management HTML solution (CRVR-CLOUD) is optional but highly recommended. It makes programming and reporting a breeze. Utilising the Xero Link tool enables you to send finalised daily reports to Xero.

CRVR-CLOUD supports multiple stores in multiple locations and is easy to configure for one-off events or ongoing business. Being cloud based, you can connect to view performance at anytime from almost anywhere and with any device so you can keep your finger on the pulse whether in the office, at home or on holiday.

Casio's Optional Mobile Ordering System plus

Casio's optional Portable Device Licence (CRVS-DEVICE) allows you to connect to up to four mobile devices on the CRVR200 POS System and up to six mobile devices on the CRVR7100 POS System.

Waiting staff can take, park, recall and update orders then send them directly to the master terminal and kitchen printers for processing. Compared to paper systems this can significantly reduce the likelihood of errors and increase efficiency resulting in a better customer experience and happier staff.

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