Mini Mixer Grinder


Ergonomic mini meat mixer grinder suitable for grinding fresh meat, sausage or poultry all day. Its smart ergonomic design makes it easy to clean so you don't run the risk of cross-contamination between mixes.


  • high quality, standalone, compact automatic feed mixer grinder with flared hopper
  • 3HP (2.2kw) motor and size 32 head allows output up to 27kg per minute
  • 30kg hopper takes full meat lugs
  • heavy duty stainless steel tub and frame
  • bowl, ring and auger are hot dip tin
  • magnetic safety interlock on tub and lid
  • totally enclosed motor 

Dimensions (mm):
635 (W) x 990.6 (D) x 1460.5 (H)

For more details, please download the specification sheet

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