Junior Sized Meat Bandsaw


Junior sized meat bandsaw designed for high output and easy cleaning. Exceptional safety standards. Ideal for butchers, fishmongers, meat processors and supermarkets.


  • full stainless steel smooth grain finish
  • removable stainless steel top and bottom doors for ease of cleaning
  • standard blade speed 11 metres per second
  • plastic removable bone dust tray
  • sealed motor compartment eliminates scraps
  • upper and lower wheels completely enclosed but readily accessible
  • blade guarded above and below the cutting zone
  • wrap around top blade guard
  • door interlocks ensure machine will not operate with doors in open position
  • machine ceases operation within approximately 5 seconds of power being turned off
  • waist high, front of table mounted, start and stop buttons
  • latch in, twist to release emergency stop switch (in emergency operator can lean against the machine to cease operation), button must be manually released to re-start machine
  • 24 volt switching control
  • adjustable polyurethane feet for maximum stability


Dimensions (mm):
670 (W) x 860 (D) x 1725 (H)

For further details including physical dimensions please download the specification sheet.

For Meat Band Saw repairs or maintenance information, please visit our national Food Equipment Service Centre.

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