Manual Belt Driven Food Slicer

Model: WFS30MGB3

Manual food slicer with a safety interlock system and an option of blade and blade cover if needed. CE approved. These commercial grade food slicers are ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Butchers, Delicatessens and Lunch Bars.


  • 300mm blade diameter
  • versatile and robust slicer with a small footprint
  • excellent product holding features
  • Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner prevents belt slippage
  • extremely quiet and smooth drive system
  • salami holder: an additional adjustable “fence” to keep round products stable when slicing
  • integral sharpener for efficient and safe blade sharpening
  • ample operator access for fast cleanup of food debris behind blade
  • highly polished anodised aluminium alloy construction allows easy cleaning and excellent hygiene
  • safety features include; blade safety ring, safety interlock, designed to be cleaned without removing blade

Product Capacity (mm):
Maximum diameter: 210
Maximum slice thickness: 15

Dimensions (mm):
Blade Diameter: 300
Footprint: 370 (W) x 460 (D)
Working area required: 570 (W) x 620 (D) x 455 (H) 

For more details, please download the specification sheet

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