Meat Tenderiser

Model: BRPRO9

Our Pro-9 Meat Tenderiser is a superb tool for adding value to meat cuts. Comes complete with a safety hood, manufactured especially for NZ health & safety requirements.


  • durable stainless steel assembly
  • feeding mouth 185mm (W) x 34 mm (D)
  • safety hood especially manufactured for New Zealand Health & Safety requirements
  • motor shuts off when safety cover is lifted
  • range of optional blades available providing increased versatility
  • optional stainless steel hood available

Blades available include:

  • strip cutting - useful for stir fry, fajitas, julienne salads, beef jerky
  • cutlet tenderising - for thin & delicate cuts; veal, chicken breasts, squid, this blade will gently pierce the product without tearing it
  • star punching - 1/8” star rollers to punch lasting holes into the meat patty or steak to break down fibres. Makes the product more tender and reduces cooking time
  • scoring - cuts just the surface of steak or patty creating an visually appealing product that cooks more quickly 
  • tenderising / knitting - cuts deep to sever fibre and sinew helping to improve saleability of less expensive, hard to merchandise cuts

Dimensions (mm):

419 (W) x 330 (D) x 406 (H)

For more details, please download the specification sheet

For Meat Tenderiser maintenance or repair services, please visit our national Food Equipment Service Centre.

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