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Discerning bakers know that in order to achieve perfect baking, the exact amount of ingredients need to be measured so each one of their creations turn out absolutely delicious and delightfully formed.

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Wedderburn’s Body Composition Analysers & Health Monitoring Software will complement your trainers’ expertise and help your members to track their transformation to a healthier life and more rewarding workout.

BCAs are designed to give a thorough reading of a body’s composition in a quick, non-invasive manner, and our Health Monitoring Software will track your members’ progress and show them how their body is responding over time. Offering scans every 6 weeks is a great tool to ensure your members keep engaged. You can charge per scan or offer this great service as part of a loyalty or incentive program.

Our BCAs offer a wide range of features and are the gold standard in the industry offering two user modes, standard and athletic, which ensures accurate results for every body - give your customers results they can trust!


TIGMONSW Health Monitoring Software

As the old adage states, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.

Wedderburn’s TIGMON Health Monitoring Software connects to our Tanita Body Composition Analysers and is fundamentally a database capable of storing member / patient information together with their measurements. It enables you to provide extra value to your members with professional reports and printouts in table and graph form, of composition measurements against goals set, time and much more.

Data is transferred automatically from the Body Composition Scale to the PC. Adding value couldn’t be easier!

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