At Wedderburn we know first hand just how complex retail is. The high demands placed on retailers to consistently deliver the very best for their customers, execute it with finesse and keep their costs down.

That’s why we provide innovative solutions to dramatically reduce your wastage and increase productivity for your retail business. A range of integrated systems to intelligently streamline your work so not only do you create the best experience for your customers, you do it with complete ease.

When you use Wedderburn machines you can be confident you will produce the highest quality products, quickly and accurately with the least amount of waste.

What’s more our state-of-the-art equipment won’t detract from the visual appeal of your store. Our attractive designs will complement your store’s aesthetic and make the “theatre of food” inviting to your customers.

We take the retail experience to the next level.

Everything you need to synchronise your work flow is here in one place, from precision weighing solutions to innovative packaging, right through to eye-catching labels that promote your brand.

Our diverse range of exceptional products include:

  • Innovative machines that weigh, wrap and label all-in-one, reducing product tampering and speed up your production line
  • Superior precision scales and food processing equipment so your weighing is super accurate and repetitive tasks become quick and easy
  • Efficient auto-packers that minimise bulk wrapping time and maximise package presentation
  • Quality Label Printers and eye-catching Customised Labels that accurately display product information and create maximum awareness for your brand
  • Precise temperature monitoring equipment to ensure your food remains within safe tolerances
  • Dynamic point-of-sale systems for fast accurate transactions and superior customer service

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