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  • quality steel construction with highly polished dispensing bars to ensure smooth flow of labels
  • label objects from 13 mm to 150 mm diameter and up to 220 mm in length using the Bottlematic F10 or up to 380 mm in length using the Bottlematic F16 (longer if the item has a neck)
  • designed for a 76 mm label roll core
  • easily label tapered bottles simply by adjusting the roller position
  • labels are applied at over 114 mm per second, allowing over 1000 pieces to be labelled per hour with average dexterity
  • easy loading and removing of items being labelled
  • comes complete with a convenient foot switch, keeping hands free for quick placement and removal of items
  • micro-switch activation works on most labels even transparent labels
Machine Type Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeller for bench top operation
Label Width (mm)

BottlematicF10 = 40 - 220 mm

BottlematicF16 = 40 - 380 mm

Maximum Label Roll Outside Diameter (mm) 220 (on 76 mm core)
Maximum Labelling Speed 114 mm per second
Overall Dimensions (mm)

BottlematicF10 = 400 (W) x 500 (D) x 300 (H)

BottlematicF16 = 550 (W) x 500 (D) x 300 (H)

Semi-Automatic Bottle Labellers ENQUIRE NOW BUY NOW


Label bottles, cans, jars and tubes quickly and easily, and most importantly with accurate wrinkle-free placement. Simply load the labels, place the item to be labelled on the machine and depress the foot switch. Job done!

Two models to choose from depending on the size of your product being labelled and the label being applied.


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