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Recycling your glassine label liner waste can now be done from New Zealand and it's super easy!

World-Class Label Liner Recycling 

Glassine Label Liner is the backing paper typically used in rolls of self-adhesive labels. Once the labels have been used this backing paper is generally considered waste material and until recently in New Zealand the only option for managing this waste was to send it to landfill. That's no longer the case and new recycling programs are now available.

Wedderburn are proud partners in UPM's world-class Label Liner Recycling Program "RafCycle". This partnership provides our New Zealand label customers the opportunity to make environmentally smarter choices.

What makes Rafcycle so unique?

Using UPM's unique technology, glassine label liners are de-siliconised then recycled into high-quality magazine paper or new glassine liner rather than contributing to the worldwide problems of permanent landfill.

A unique benefit of our label waste recycling program is that the glassine liner waste can be recycled up to seven times! Many other programs simply recycle material into another product that cannot be further recycled.

Getting Started

Getting started is as simple as contacting your local Wedderburn representative and letting them know you want to be involved.

We'll walk you through the process and get you up and running in next to no time.

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Cartons for Collecting Liner Waste

Your glassine label liner waste will need to be collected in a Wedderburn approved carton. We currently have two carton options and the solution that best suits you is likely to be determined by the volume of liner waste you'll generate. 

For high volumes of liner waste, the best solution will be to have your own UPM Recycle Carton (Wedderburn Order Code BK0400). These include a built-in pallet and once full, these cartons can be sent directly back to UPM. This reduces the freight involved and may further reduce your carbon footprint.

If you don't expect to generate large quantities of liner waste but are keen to be a part of this recycling movement, Wedderburn make that easy too. After a quick consultation we'll assess the best option for you. Most likely we'll ask you to use the Wedderburn Label carton your labels were originally delivered in. Once the carton is full you can send it back to an approved Wedderburn Recycling Depot and we'll take it from there.


Liner Recycling Criteria

As with any genuine recycling program, there are certain criteria that need to be met. Contamination may void the recycling process so please follow these simple rules;

  • only put the glassine liner waste from Wedderburn labels in the carton
  • liner must be free of labels, adhesives and any other residue
  • liner must be clean and dry and free from any contaminants or soiling
  • please tightly wind your liner waste before placing it in the carton
  • DON'T include the cores - put these in your cardboard recycling bins or consider novel ways to re-use your cores
  • full cartons NOT TO EXCEED 500 kg

You can find all this detail in our flyer - see the download option at the bottom of this page.

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