Scale Calibration Options

Understand Your Scale Calibration Options

Wedderburn offer three different levels of Scale Calibrations in New Zealand; IANZ Endorsed Certificates, Certificates of Accuracy and Scale Calibrations. Each is specific to what the scale or balances is being used for.

All reports and certificates mentioned are based on tests where standard mass are added to the scale deck and results observed. All test mass pieces are traceable to national and international standards.

The following easy-to-read guide outlines the key differences to help users determine what type of Scale Calibration will meet their requirements.

Report Versus Certificate plus

A “report” gives detailed readings of obtained results, whereas a “certificate” is a statement that the device meets a certain standard.

IANZ Endorsed Certificate plus

This is a certificate completed under ISO17025. It is a fully traceable internationally recognised standard.

  • An IANZ Endorsed Certificate is the most comprehensive certificate we do. The certificate includes a high level of detail as to how the machine is working and includes;
    standard deviation of repeatability
    linearity error
    off centre error
    the ‘best accuracy’ you could expect to achieve using this machine

It’s important to understand there is no expiry date with this report, nor is there a “pass/fail”. It is expected that you, the user, will tell us when you want it reissued as well as take care of any errors in the device. We will however make a recommendation of when the scale is re-inspected, this date will be shown on the calibration label which is adhered to the device.

This certificate is good for those who need a high level of confidence in weighing, those who are working to other ISO Standards and those requiring international recognition.

This certificate could be issued for customers using scales and balances to manufacture pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, food manufacturers as well as exporters of goods whose customers demand an endorsed report.

Weights and Measures Certificate of Accuracy plus

This type of certificate is regulated by the New Zealand Government’s Weights and Measure Act.

A Weights and Measures Certificate of Accuracy is issued for a weighing device where that weighing device is used as part of a financial transaction. For example; this certificate would be issued for the scale used to weigh goods you purchase at the supermarket when the total price is based on the weight of the product.

The certificate can only be issued on a device approved for trade use in New Zealand. The machine cannot be modified in any way unless the approval specifically allows for this. The machine must also carry a ‘mark of verification’ and be in good condition. 

A pass or fail is provided along with an expiry date of the certificate. There is no report detailing how the machine is performing. It’s important to understand that there is a tolerance to the pass/fail criteria, so a machine that is slightly inaccurate may still pass these tests.

The label left on the machine must carry wording along these lines;

“… Complies with Regulation 20 of the Weights and Measures Regulations 1999…”.

The Certificate of Accuracy is issued for a period of 1 year.

Calibration Report plus

This is a report that is a snap shot of how the machine performed on the day tested. It is essentially a nicely formatted report of the raw data obtained by adding standard mass to the machine. It is a straight and simple description of scale performance and allows you to apply corrections to compensate for errors if there are any.

This report has no legal standing. This does not mean the machine isn’t accurate, but the report carries very little value in a legal sense.

This kind of report is good for checking scales used to weigh ingredients in a manufacturing environment or as a quality assurance point before a final reading is done.

Who Can Perform Scale Calibrations? plus

To ensure your scale calibration is performed correctly and meets quality assurance or legal obligations, it is important the person performing the calibration is correctly trained and, where necessary, appropriately qualified.

IANZ Endorsed Certificates

Only IANZ Accredited Companies can issue these certificates.

This prestigious accreditation has been held by Wedderburn Scales Ltd (trading as Wedderburn) since 1995.

We have a large team of qualified testing staff throughout New Zealand as well as a large number of highly trained staff who are authorised signatories.

We can test high accuracy balances, weighing machines and masses.

Certificates Of Accuracy

Wedderburn have been a government sanctioned Verification Agent since 1992 with the Wedderburn approval number 21.0.

Most of our technical staff hold this qualification and are issued with a unique “Approved Person” (AP) number. As such they are able to test medium accuracy weighing machines (Class III), high accuracy balances (Class II) traders weights as well as inline check weighing machines (Class Y).

Calibration Reports

Once they have completed the relevant in-house training, all Wedderburn staff can perform the tests necessary for calibration reports.

Trained Wedderburn staff can test a huge variety of weighing and measuring machines all to traceable standards.

Wedderburn Scales Ltd is an established weighing solutions company with over 120 years industry experience.

We are committed to providing products and services which are of a constantly high standard and ensuring these standards are monitored and maintained at all times. Part of that commitment ensures all staff involved in calibration work have appropriate training and qualifications.

Wedderburn Scales Ltd is the owner of this guide and reserves all rights to the contents and control of its use and distribution. No part of this guide may be copied or distributed in any form whatsoever without prior knowledge and written permission of Wedderburn Scales Ltd

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